Release: 16-12-2022 | Label: Awal / V2

Indie Only Cream Orange Vinyl

At 21, mxmtoon stands tall as one of the brightest and most engaging voices of her generation. rising is the sophomore album from the Oakland-raised, Brooklyn-based artist known for her dreamy pop and introspective lyricism. The album is a new chapter and gorgeous evolution of the sound that launched her career 5 years ago but with a more mature and complex lens. Featuring the singles “mona lisa”, “sad disco,” and “victim of nostalgia”, rising represents the culmination of a trilogy that also includes dawn and dusk, the dual EPs she released in 2020.


1. Mona Lisa

2. Learn To Love You

3. Victim of Nostalgia

4. Sad Disco

5. Frown

6. Florida

7. Scales

8. Growing Pains

9. Dizzy

10. Haze

11. Dance

12. Coming of Age

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