Sheila E

In The Glamorous Life

Release: 26-02-2021 | Label: Warner / Bertus

Indie Only Light Blue Translucent Vinyl

Produced by Prince, this is one of the best albums that came out of the Purple One’s Minneapolis funk-rock empire in the 1980s. Featuring the hit title track and “The Belle of St. Mark” (two Prince penned classics), this is another opportunity to celebrate the deeper fabrics within the purple quilt Prince laid across the 80’s pop scene.


Side 1
1. “The Belle of St. Mark” (Prince) 5:08
2. “Shortberry Strawcake” 4:44
3. “Noon Rendezvous” (Prince and Sheila E.) 3:50


Side two
4. “Oliver’s House” 6:20
5. “Next Time Wipe the Lipstick Off Your Collar” (Brenda Bennett and Sheila E.) 3:50
6. “The Glamorous Life” (Prince) 9:00

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