Music Machine


Music Machine
Paardestraat 11
6131 HA Sittard

We are a music and lifestyle shop who specialize in good music LP’s, CD’s and trendy streetwear.

You can also get your concert- or party-tickets at our place. So we’re not only an online shop, we also got a shopadress where you can actually visit us and shop around going through all the physical stuff like cd’s, dvd’s, vinyl, streetwear, posters, accessoires, bags, etc.

We specialize in all kinds of music like Americana, Jazz, Metal, Dance, Sixties, Soul, Funk, Boogaloo, Pop, Blues and many, many more styles.

Our clothing department specializes in streetwear. We also specialize in so called Hardcore/Gabber wear with brands like Australian, 100% Hardcore, CSR, MOH, Neophyte and many, many more.