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22 april 2023



Gordon Meuleman

ith Niko you can expect solid indie songs coated in 70’s glam and 00’s rock. This Dutch band (previously a solo project that began while living in LA) was born with the release of their EP You Might Like It, But I Might Just Hate It in 2018. Released on cassette, it’s filled with edgy guitars and choruses that make you feel like you’re cruising down the A4 when you sing along.
After a wide variety of shows and festivals they recorded a new EP called Melk that was released in August 2019. The six songs, produced by Tom Meijer, saw Niko carving deeper into their raw, catchy sound.
The past few months Niko released two new songs from their upcoming debut album; Pick Me Up and Shooting Star. The official music video of the latter was premiered on Tim Hofman’s Instagrams account and reached 250k views in a matter of days. The album will drop in March 2023 and to celebrate that, the band will perform a symphonic release show with the Royal Conservatory in the Royal Theater of The Hague April 1st. Look forward to refinement as they polish off poppy sounds with backhanded lyrics.

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