RSD Instore Tour

20 april 2024

Light By The Sea



De Jongens van Hemmes




Warenhuis Vanderveen Muziekafdeling






Band poseert voor rode bakstenen muur.


NICOLE VAN RIETSCHOTEN (SONY - Matheus Jantz Longhini)

A Magical Fusion of New Wave with Cosmic Undertones
Light By The Sea emerges as a vibrant fusion of new wave melodies interwoven with psychedelic rock, creating a sonic experience that transcends traditional genres. Formed by Eszter Anna Baumann (HU) and Davy Knobel (NL), the band emerged from a union of love and artistic synergy.
Drawing inspiration from acts like The Chameleons, Light By The Sea seamlessly integrates this influence into their sonic landscape. Their musical journey blends elements of Dead Can Dance with an eclectic rock, sculpting what they call “rocking new wave.” Eszter Anna, the band’s lyricist, tends to capture poetic narratives that pay homage to historical figures and musical icons, paralleling them with modern-day existence. Her lyrical compositions, inspired by myths and real-life stories of other artists, serve as metaphors mirroring contemporary life experiences.
The band’s live performances include mesmerizing live visuals crafted to complement each track and the narrative behind their compositions, inviting audiences into a kaleidoscope of stories. Each song becomes a vessel carrying its own unique tale, painting an evocative canvas for the audience to explore.
In the last two years, the band has been performing all across Europe, from the Fekete Zaj Festival in Hungary to the Breda Barst Festival in the Netherlands.
For fans of: The Mission, Wolf Alice, The Cure, The Chameleons & Dead Can Dance.