RSD Instore Tour

20 april 2024

Fake Indians



Sounds Tilburg


Band speelt in muziekcentrum Kinky Star.


Jeroen Jacobs

Fake Indians have been trotting around the international underground scene for a few years now. Armed with crappy demotapes, they left a path of destruction from France to Holland and from Germany to England.

“One celled music”, a visitor wrote in the concert guestbook. Fake Indians were flattered.

“Music from an era when wild and unpolished sounds ruled our freak scene and indie was still punk”, a concert promotor said. But maybe he was talking about the headliner.

Fake Indians do their own thing, combining just about everything they like musicwise. They are fierce enough to drop sonic noisebombs on an unsuspecting audience but also lazy enough to use a videoclip twice.

With detuned guitars, basic guitar, weird ass visuals, pink drums and some Casios found in the trash, Stof Janssens, Hermanos Driesos, Slander Laets, Zwam De Semmer and Hylarius Warwinkel grind their way trough the alternative underworld.