RSD Instore Tour

20 april 2024

Donna Blue



Plato Utrecht




Platenhuis 't Oor


Man en vrouw van dichtbij in zwart-wit.


Philine van den Hul

The duo behind Donna Blue exist in a grainy, cinematic realm. One where the twang of jangly guitars, groovy bass rythms and sensual vocals call out to you. Once you’re in, you can only surrender to their noir-romantic sound.

The group’s signature chamber pop music is a chic sixties sound that floats somewhere between Nancy & Lee’s moody western duets and Serge Gainsbourg’s upbeat French hit songs, whilst drawing plenty of inspiration from obscure vintage film soundtracks and psychedelia. Whichever way their next song goes, it leads the way into bygone, or perhaps, for the poet and dreamer, future days – offering an escape from the mundane.

Originally hailing from The Netherlands, Donna Blue has an international outlook, touring with their band throughout Europe (gaining support from platforms such as TV channel ARTE and Clash Music, who called their songwriting ‘irresistible’), and venturing overseas for performances in the Unites States. After the release of debut album ‘Dark Roses’ in 2022, they‘ll return to the scene with sophomore album ‘Into the Realm of Love’ in 2024.