The Jayhawks


Release: 10-07-2020 | Label: Sham / Bertus

“‘Living In A Bubble’ lyrically is a reaction to the 24 hour news cycle and how the media can fan the flames of fear if one let’s it,” guitarist Gary Louris said via press release. “It is also a commentary about data collection, Big Brother, and our obsession with devices, while never being truly present in the here and now. Musically it is an homage to the great Harry Nilsson, and is driven by the amazing piano playing of Karen Grotberg.”


Disc 1
  1. This Forgotten Town
  2. Dogtown Days
  3. Living In A Bubble
  4. Ruby
  5. Homecoming
  6. Society Pages
  7. Illuminate
  8. Bitter Pill
  9. Across My Field
  10. Little Victories
  11. Down To The Farm
  12. Looking Up Your Number
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