Neil Young and Crazy Horse

World Record

Release: 18-11-2022 | Label: Warner / Warner

Indie Only Clear Vinyl

World Record captures the Horse’s long-running spirit of spontaneous, collaborative, and electrifying performances. The resulting listening experience sets fans directly on the studio floor as Young and the legendary band do what they do best.

There’s affecting folk (“This Old Planet (Changing Days),” “Love Earth”), pummeling rock (“Break The Chain,” “The World (Is In Trouble Now)”), and monumental, classic Crazy Horse guitar (“Chevrolet”). World Record is a cohesive vision that spreads positive energy while not flinching from our present situation. As Young himself said in a message on the Times-Contrarian during the making of World Record: “Real magic lasts and we think we have it.”


1. ‘Love Earth’
2. ‘Overhead’
3. ‘I Walk With You (earth ringtone)’
4. ‘This Old Planet (changing days)’
5. ‘The World (is in trouble now)’
6. ‘Break The Chain’
7. ‘The Long Day Before’
8. ‘Walkin’ On The Road (to the future)’
9. ‘The Wonder Won’t Wait’
10. ‘Chevrolet’
11. ‘This Old Planet reprise’

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