Mister And Mississippi

We Only Part To Meet Again

Release: 29-01-2015 | Label: V2

One last encounter before parting, to someday meet again at a time and place as yet unknown. Farewells often lead to new beginnings, and the chance to strike a new balance. In the voices of Maxime Barlag and Samgar Jacobs, and the guitars of Danny van Tiggele and Tom Broshuis: balance plays a vital role in the music of Mister and Mississippi. They complete each other within the music, their distinct sounds at times blending together as one. The songs on their new album are full of depth, creating space for new shades of colour in their arrangements, such as the addition of horns and strings. The album is a voyage, dynamic and and at times overwhelming, that reveals the presence of a band with unmistakable international promise.

Bron en officiële website: misterandmississippi.nl

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