Zevon, Warren

Warren Zevon’s Hits…According To Judd Apatow

Release: 24-10-2020 | Label: Rhino / Bertus

1 x LP

Warren Zevon’s Hits…According To Judd Apatow / 180Gr. / RSD 20

Judd Apatow (producer/director of Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Bridesmaids, and many more) celebrates Warren Zevon’s life with a yearly tribute at the Largo in Los Angeles, featuring performances by Zevon’s friends. For this curated release, he selected tracks from his favorite albums as well as a bonus track,  “Something Bad Happened to a Clown” by Taylor Goldsmith and Blake Mills from the March 2016 Largo Show.

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