Unsoothing Interior

Release: 6-01-2023 | Label: Pnkslm Recordings / V2

Indie Only Peppermint Green Vinyl

On their bold and brilliant debut album ‘Unsoothing Interior’, Stockholm’s Vero reflect the nature of life itself. Their songs prioritise feeling over perfectionism – what feels, or sounds, best – creating a record that tumbles through its contents with a sense of unpredictability, excitement and curiosity. It’s an album full of raw guitar riffs that spin and swirl and fizz, and evoke the spirit of artists like Sonic Youth, Garbage and Pixies. The record, out May 6th via PNKSLM Recordings (ShitKid, Les Big Byrd, Holy etc.), is a document of the three musicians’ own experiences, injected with a natural urgency that comes from both the reality in the songs and writing and recording them in a studio paid for by the hour. For its listeners, it acts less as a roadmap through the turbulence and more as a confidante to share the highs and lows, drama and desire with, encompassing everything from sex, friendship and figuring out exactly who you are.


1. Cupid

2. Heather

3. Sticky

4. Sex, Me & Tv-Shows

5. 22:12

6. Beluga

7. Spin

8. She’s Scared of Everything

9. Beg!

10. Special

11. Exit 2

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