TUUUT (10″)

Release: 21-04-2018 | Label: CONSOULING SOUNDS

1 x EP

FOPAW: Future Old People Are Wizards, sometimes also shortened to FOPAW, is a band from Ghent with Stijn Vanmarsenille (Drums Are For Parades, Elefant) on guitar and vocals. Nele De Gussem (Mayas Moving Castle) takes on the bass, but instead of going for the classic bass guitar, the bass sounds are created by some brutal synths. Responsibility for the drums lies with Sylvester Vanborm (Wallace Vanborn). Elefant: you might find yourself at Dante’s inferno though you’re at a gig you might not feel at ease you might smile from ear to ear you might think this behaviour is too much and ridiculous you might hear a discord you might feel something you like you might see 4 figures cut some sort of a figure, go figure you might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb you might love you might hate Elefant does not live in boxes cardboard and the like. Elefant wanders the earth looking for space

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