Jett Rebel


Release: 5-02-2016 | Label: Music On Vinyl

Dutch Pop artist Jett Rebel (real name: Jelte Tuinstra) presents his brand new album Truck, a collection of 28 tracks that go against every rule in the book. As Jett explains, ‘so many bands nowadays adapt their music to the public’s taste, just to get bigger. I don’t, and I won’t. I make exactly what I want, and I am so grateful that there is an audience that allows me this artistic freedom. I am so happy!’.

Every instrument on the album has been played by Jett Rebel himself, with a 4-track cassette recorder. The songs on the album are true Pop songs, and the production will undoubtedly surprise some people. ‘I can understand if people will need to get used to this. Perhaps it’s even commercial suicide – but then again I’m not looking for hits. I want to make the music that I want – playing live and living free.’

Truck is not just a new Jett Rebel album – it’s part of a trilogy. The follow-up albums will be announced soon. The first single “It’s Cruel” is released on January 15th.


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