The Selecter

Too Much Pressure (40th Anniversary)

Release: 23-04-2021 | Label: Phonograph Records / ADA

Indie Only 180Gr Vinyl + 7″ single

The Selecter were one of the key bands of the ska revival in the late 70’s and one of the few racially and sexually integrated bands on the scene. Vocalist Pauline Black wrote about sexism, racism, and social issues. Their debut release was the AA side of The Specials A.K.A. single ‘Gangsters’ in the summer of 1979, which only consisted of Neol Davies and John Bradbury (of The Specials) before quickly forming a full band by the end of the year. Releasing their follow up single ‘On My Radio’ which reached No. 6 in the UK charts. Their debut album ‘Too Much Pressure’ was released in February 1980 and reached No. 5 in the UK charts. The album also included two further hit singles ‘Three Minute Hero’ and ‘Missing Words’.


Kant A

  1. “Three Minute Hero” [3:00]
  2. “Time Hard” [3:10]
  3. “They Make Me Mad” [2:47]
  4. “Missing Words” [3:22]
  5. “Danger” [2:38]
  6. “Street Feeling” [3:11]
  7. “My Collie (Not A Dog)”  [2:45]Kant B
    1. “Too Much Pressure” [3:48]
    2. “Murder” [2:39]
    3. “Out On The Streets” [4:28] –
    4. “Carry Go Bring Home”  [3:02]
    5. “Black and Blue” [3:17]
    6. “James Bond” [2:16]

Bonus 7″
Side A
1. On My Radio
Side B
1. Too Much Pressure

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