Release: 22-04-2023 | Label: Pillowcase / Bertus

2x LP Brown & Yellow Eco Vinyl + 2 Flexi Discs

The new JoyCut album is ready and deeply alive. It is an elaborative process that has taken shape from the Venice Biennale or the exclusive performance for Robert Smith’s Meltdown. An interweaving of orchestral saturations and sound expansions steeped in narrative rhythmic landscapes and moving passages that quietly aim at lightness, and liberation from this civilisation. There is a great amount of the East, Africa; there is absence and the sublime, and yet the depth of these ideological abysses is not intimidating, on the contrary, it asks us to peek inside, to get closer. Research through a musical language that if once started from rock and psychedelia has evolved and has sought and found peaks in the instrumental, contemporary and modern classical fields. The sound becomes dense to become liquid and then rarefy like air in a work in which the sound envelops and covers developing through long sonic suites sometimes capable of shaking like an earthquake in which the pats touch each other also passing through calm and sweetness typical of a minimalism that also has roots in the Northern European music scene.


  1. TheFirstSong_
  2. Darwin_
  3. Ungaretti_
  4. SAUN_
  5. Novembre13_
  6. BluTokyo_
  7. ThePlasticWhale_
  8. Komorebi_
  9. Francis&Violet_
  10. Lisantrope_
  11. Siberia [BeforeTheFlood]_
  12. Antropocene_
  13. Plato|SHIRAKABA [TheSmileOfTheSun]_

Flexi 1:

  1. ThePlasticWhale_

Flexi 2:

  1. NOVEMBRE13_
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