The Bad Ends

The Power And The Glory

Release: 20-01-2023 | Label: New West Records Inc. / V2

Indie Only Transparent Orange Vinyl

The Bad Ends are a band of veteran musicians from Athens, GA featuring Bill Berry (R.E.M), Mike Manitone (Five Eight) Christian Lopez (Curly Maple) Geoff Melkonian (Josh Joplin Group) and local guitar-shop-owner, Dave Domizi. Their New West Records debut, The Power And The Glory, was recorded at the legendary local studio, Espresso Machine, and features guitar driven songs like “Mile Marker 29,” “Thanksgiving 1915,” and “Honestly.” An immediate classic referencing the best of early 90s college rock. Athens, GA to the max.


1. Mile Marker 29

2. All Your Friends Are Dying

3. Left To Be Found

4. Thanksgiving 1915

5. Ode To Jose

6. The Ballad of Satan’s Bride

7. Little Black Cloud

8. Honestly

9. New York Murder Suicide

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