Bonzai The Mixtapes: Vol. 1 (Mixed by Bountyhunter)

Release: 18-04-2020 | Label: BONZAI RECORDS / NEWS

From the success of our very first release on cassette tape in 2019, we’re excited to present the next offering in the classic format. For Record Store Day 2020 we’ve got an exclusive 2 x 45-minute cassette pack from one of our legendary, original DJ, producers – Bountyhunter. The Mixtapes Volume 1 – The Sound Of TGV is truly authentic, packaged in a vintage slipcase, it will be just as if you purchased the tape at your favourite club back in the day. Prolific artist Stefan Melis aka Bountyhunter started his career in 1990 in a very small after club called TGV. During this time, he recorded his first record with a sample from the Star Wars movie and Bountyhunter was born. Released on the brand new up and coming label Bonzai Records in 1992, this single would go on to be a huge success and help in shaping the sound we all know and love today. Many more releases would follow including Woops, Demilitarized Zone and The Return to name a few. These releases would make a big mark on the Bonzai imprint and propel him into the big time and ensure that when people speak of Bonzai, then the name Bountyhunter is always mentioned.

1 x K7 (Audio Tape)

A-Side: 01 Blue Alphabet – Cybertrance (Remastered Original Mix) 02 The Blackmaster – Time Never Stops (Remastered Maxi Version) 03 Axel Stephenson – Varcaz In Trance (Original Mix) 04 Introspective – Land Of The Rising Sun (Original Mix) 05 DJF – Out Of My Mind (Original Mix) 06 Techno Junkies – Entropy Step (Original Mix) 07 System D – Shipment In Trance (Original Mix) 08 Yves Deruyter – Outsiders (Original Mix) 09 X-Change – The Indians (Original Mix) 10 Zolex presents Carat Trax – The Message (Remastered Veroniq-Mas Mix) 11 Mooneyes – Twilight Creatures (Original Mix) 12 The Disciples – Underrave (Original Mix) 13 DJ Bountyhunter – Users Hunt (Remastered Original Mix) B-Side: 01 Traxcalibur – The Dreamer (Remastered Original Mix) 02 DJ Bountyhunter – The Lord (Original Mix) 03 System D – Trancefusion (Marnix Trance Mix) 04 Thunderball – Thunderdance (Original Mix) 05 Batteries Not Included – Sleepless (Original Mix) 06 X-Change – Ready To Rock (Original Mix) 07 System D – Deviant Behaviour (Original Mix) 08 Strange Food – Junk Food (Original Mix) 09 Belgica Wave – I’ll Be Your Guest (Original Mix) 10 DJ Bountyhunter – Woops (Remastered Original Mix) 11 Yves Deruyter – Guess Who? (Original Mix) 12 Aqua Contact – Cinderella (Original Mix) 13 DJ Bountyhunter – Short Circuit (Original Mix) 14 DJ Bountyhunter – Demilitarized Zone (Extended Mix) 15 Thunderball – It’s Your DJ (Original Mix) 16 Bam Bam – La Casa (Original Mix) 17 Dave Davis – Trasnfiguration (Original Mix) 18 Trancial Action – Dead Bodies (Remix)

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