The Good Fight

Release: 13-01-2023 | Label: Membran / Suburban

Indie Only Yellow Drop Vinyl

Imbued with love, honesty, and selflessness, The Good Fight is virtuosic in its musicality, direct in its language, and infinitely relatable. In a landscape overrun with abstract indulgence and shallow trend-chasers, the Prince George’s County, Maryland artist has created a record that reminds you that it’s music before it’s hip-hop. Oddisee’s production simmers in its own orchestral gumbo. You sense he’s really a jazzman in different form, inhabiting the spirit of Roy Ayers and other past greats. The Fader’s compared him to a musical MC Escher, calling hailing his “grandiose and symphonic sound” and “relevant relatable messages.” Pitchfork praised his “eclectic soulful boom-bap.” INDIE ONLY! YELLOW DROP EDITION


1. That’s Love

2. Want Something Done

3. Contradiction’s Maze

4. Counter Clockwise

5. First Choice

6. Belong To the World

7. A List of Withouts

8. Book Covers

9. Meant It When I Said It

10. Fight Delays

11. What They’ll Say

12. Worse Before Better

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