The Golden Age Of The Apocalypse (10 Year Anniversary)

Release: 26-11-2021 | Label: Brainfeeder / PIAS

Thundercat celebrates the 10th anniversary of his debut album “The Golden Age of Apocalypse” with an incredible deluxe vinyl edition (including two bonus tracks) for RSD Black Friday on 26th November.

Brainfeeder, the LA-based record label founded by Flying Lotus, salutes the 10th anniversary of Thundercat’s mercurial debut album from 2011 – “The Golden Age of Apocalypse” – with a luxurious deluxe vinyl edition comprising a translucent red LP housed in a beautiful shiny gold mirror-board sleeve with a large Thundercat logo hologram sticker and gold rainbow holofoil detail. The tracklisting includes two bonus tracks: ‘$200 TB’ and ‘Daylight (Reprise)’. The LP will be exclusively available in record stores for RSD Black Friday on 26th November 2021.


Side A
A1. HooooooO
A2. Daylight
A3. Fleer Ultra
A4. Is It Love?
A5. For Love (I Come Your Friend)
A6. It Really Doesn’t Matter to You
A7. Jamboree

Side B
B1. Boat Cruise
B2. Seasons
B3. Goldenboy
B4. Walkin’
B5. Mystery Machine (The Golden Age of
B6. Return to the Journey
B7. $200 TB
B8. Daylight (Reprise)

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