The Arcs vs. The Inventors

The Arcs vs. The Inventors Vol. 1

Release: 27-11-2015 | Label: Warner

A new limited-edition 10″ six-song recording by The Arcs, entitled The Arcs vs. The Inventors, Vol. 1, featuring Dr. John and David Hidalgo, released on Nonesuch Records as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday event.

The disc is the first in a series of collaborative “Inventors” recordings to be released by The Arcs. The band’s Dan Auerbach says of the project: “Sometimes the best way to see into the future is to study the past. In this series we do both, collaborating with folks who have been in the game a long time but instead of rehashing old material, we collaborate on new works, explore new ideas and introduce each other to a different generational perspective. We’ll continue in this series to track down our heroes and bug them until they agree to make some noise with us. Hopefully we learn a thing or two. Yours, Dreamily,”


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