Tell The World My Name

Release: 22-04-2023 | Label: Real Gone Music / Real Gone Music

1 x LP Lemon Vinyl

Kevin Madison a.k.a. K-Solo a.k.a. the “original rap criminal” was a member of EPMD’s “Hit Squad” and legendary antagonist of the Hit Squad’s Keith Murray and also of DMX, whom K-Solo had met in prison while serving a three-year sentence. His 1990 debut album, Tell the World My Name, scored three rap hit singles with “Your Mom’s in My Business,” “Spellbound,” and “Fugitive,” and featured production from EPMD’s Parrish “PMD” Smith. It was a highlight in a year full of legendary rap releases, but it’s never been out on vinyl. Our Real Gone release features a lemon-colored vinyl pressing limited to 1600 copies!


Rockin’ for My Hometown;
Everybody Knows Me;
Speed Blocks;
Tales from the Crack Side;
Your Mom’s in My Business;
Real Solo Please Stand Up;
Solo Rocks the House;
The Messenger;
Drums of Death


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