Release: 15-01-2020

LaBomba is an American/Dutch power trio from The Hague in The Netherlands.
The band sounds very American. That’s no wonder.
Bass player Dave Bordeaux is from Jacksonville, Florida. Guitarist Maroen Franse studied guitar in LA from the age of 16 and drummer Peter Nelissen worked for Billboard Magazine a number of years.
In 2016 these experienced songwriters and instrumentalists joined up and the fact that they all have lead vocal quality and sing great harmonics gives the band a unique edge.
2018 Their first album “Fresh Loud and Different” was very well received and now January 15th 2020 their second album “Switchblade” will be released on the Eurosonic music fair, where they received a showcase on the Pinguin Radio Stage.
Album was produced by Belgian Jannes van Rossom. Live tech and producer of renown Belgian rockers Triggerfinger.
On the “Switchblade” album are 6 studio tracks and 3 live tracks, recorded at Paradiso (Amsterdam), Paard (The Hague) and Gebouw-T (Bergen op Zoom).
Their music is described as: rocking, catchy, dynamic and live with loads of energy.
A trio made to tour and experience live when you can.


Kant A

  1. Switchblade
  2. On The Lookout
  3. Your Love
  4. Drifting
  5. Puppet Master

Kant B

  1. Torn Down The Stages
  2. Devil’s Dance (Live At Paradiso)
  3. Daydream (Live At Paard)
  4. On The Lookout (Live At Gebouw-T)
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