Maxwell Udoh 

Survival Of The Fittest

Release: 22-04-2023 | Label: Tidal Waves Music / N.E.W.S.

1 x LP Limited 180g Vinyl Edition (500 copies) with obi strip

Rasman Maxwell Udoh was one of the best things to come out of the Nigerian musicscenein the 80s and 90s. Born on the 29th of August 1959 and passed away on the 18thofDecember 2014, his 55 years on earth were a memorable time that resulted in manycontributions to the musical heritage of Nigeria, and the messages hespread through hislyrics are still treasured by the downtrodden even today. Maxwell Udoh was a true pioneer,and his musical legacy is more than relevant, even to this day.After he left Oron’s Methodist Boys High School in 1980, Maxwell’s uncle Patrick Peter Udohtook him under his wing. As a professional musician with The Doves Rock Band, Patricktaught him all he could until the band’s dissolution, which prepared Udoh for the trailblazingcareer that he would soon be embarking upon. Maxwell Udoh and His Masses Militia Bandtook Nigeria by storm with their debut album‘Forward Ever, Backward Never’. The recordwas a massive hit that opened his route to greatness, taking his reputation far beyondtheshores of Nigeria and winning him several music awards.


01 Wait For Tomorrow
02 Come Let’s Go Dancin’
03 I Like It (Don’t Stop)
04 Survival Of The Fittest
05 Together
06 Adanma

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