Release: 13-04-2019 | Label: 21ST CENTURY / NEWS Distribution

2 x LP

LP 1 TRACK LIST: 1. Introduction by Carter Alan of WBCN 2. Majority 3. Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? 4. Knife Edge 5. Dawn Chorus 6. The Day The Ravens Left The Tower 7. Deeside 8. One Step Closer To Home 9. Third Light 10. Absolute Reality 11. Walk Forever By My Side 12. Howling Wind LP 2 TRACKLIST 1. Spirit Of ’76 2. Blaze Of Glory 3. Strength 4. Sixty Eight Guns 5. Declaration / Marching On 6. The Chant Has Just Begun 7. The Stand 8. This Train Is Bound For Glory 9. Knocking On Heaven’s Door PROJECT OVERVIEW: Classic recording of The Alarm in concert from Boston Orpheum on November 9th 1985. 16 of the 21 songs have never been released before in any form whatsoever. Four of the tracks (Where Were You Hiding?, Deeside, Sixty Eight Guns & Knocking On Heaven’s Door), were used as B-sides and extra tracks with the band’s ‘Spirit Of ’76’ UK single release of early 1986 which put the band into the UK Top 30, with ‘Howling Wind’ being issued in the USA only as part of the ‘Live For Life’ IRS Records cancer benefit compilation album. Alarm fans have longed for the day when a full release of this classic Alarm concert would be made available. The audio was recorded by WBCN Radio Station in Boston, MA on November 9th 1985, and features all the classic Alarm material of the era. The show was then mixed a month later at Yamaha Studios, Los Angeles by the band’s live sound engineer Nigel Luby (who had also recorded the ‘Strength’ album). It captures the band at the height of its success in that most Celtic of American cities – Boston, who’s people immediately embraced the group as one their own, inspiring the band to some of the finest Alarm performances ever captured on tape. LIVE DATES: 1st – 3rd February – The Gathering, Llandudno Wales 12th – 13th April – NY Gathering, NY USA 29th June – Cardiff University, Cardiff Wales

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