Release: 21-04-2018 | Label: MASS APPEAL

RSD 2018

2 x LP

Limited to 5000 units worldwide.
• Includes 12” EP etched on clear vinyl with custom Marvel
Comics branded artwork.
• Custom metal box set includes space to store your copies of
RTJ1 -3 plus space for the upcoming RTJ4!
• Also included is a custom RTJ turntable slip mat with images
on both sides, collectible poster and a sticker set for the kids.
• RTJ3 consistently an indie store best seller across the globe.
• Upcoming tour with Lorde will introduce Run The Jewels to a
new fan base
• RTJ3 featured on many Best of 2017 lists
• Grammy Nominated for Best Rap Song 2018
• Featured in major campaign for Marvel’s Black Panther movie.

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