Ted Nugent

Spirit Of The Wild

Release: 25-11-2022 | Label: Membran / Suburban

BF 2022

2x LP

Spirit of the Wild ranks as one of Ted Nugent’s finest moments because it cuts away the filler and keeps the wildman’s tendency for indulgence in check. This album marked the return of Nugent’s original sound of hard rock instead of the pop metal style of his ’80s solo work, as well as the brief return of vocalist Derek St. Holmes. “Spirit of the Wild” is the theme song for Ted Nugent’s hunting TV show Spirit of the Wild and one of Nugents most iconic songs, “Fred Bear”, a tribute to the bowman Fred Bear. This release featured two unreleased songs, “Fan The Flame” & “Guns” from the albums recording sessions that have been released until now. NEVER RELEASED ON VINYL.


1. Thighraceous
2. Wrong Side Of Town
3. I Shoot Back
4. Tooth, Fang, & Claw

1. Lovejacker
2. Fred Bear
3. Primitive Man

1. Hot Or Cold
2. Kiss My Ass
3. Heart & Soul
4. Spirit Of The Wild

1. Just Do It Like This
2. Guns (Unreleased)
3. Fan The Flame (Unreleased)

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