Sweet Okay Supersister

Spiral Staircase

Release: 28-11-2019 | Label: Music On Vinyl / Bertus

Dutch prog maestros Supersister titled their final album, Spiral Staircase, after their very first B-side, and returned to that song, as well, opening the LP with a powerful reworking of it, here retitled “Retroschizive”. Spiral Staircase is available as a Black Friday limited edition of 500 copies on green vinyl and includes an insert and printed innersleeve.

Side A

  1. Retroschizive (Introducing Schizo)
  2. Jellybean Hop
  3. Dangling Dingdongs
  4. Sylvers Song (Groan, Stamp, Shock, Hoot)
  5. Cookies, Teacups, Buttercups

Side B

  1. Gi, Ga, Go (Gollumble Jafers)
  2. It Had To Be
  3. Nosy Parkers
  4. We Steel So Frange

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