Tommy Townsend & Waylon Jennings

Southern Man

Release: 25-11-2022 | Label: Membran / Suburban

BF 2022

1x LP

Tommy Townsend says, “I remember being 13 and standing around at a Waylon Jennings concert at Lanier Land Music Park with my parents. My dad, who can talk to anyone, struck up a conversation with one of the Hell’s Angels, who was doing security. The next thing I knew, the guy said, ‘Well Waylon likes kids,’ and I was on my way back stage to meet him.”Thus began a lifelong friendship that would lead Tommy Townsend into the studios and learning from his ultimate music mentor, Waylon Jennings. Tommy was born in rural Blairsville, GA, and like most southern boys, Tommy was taught time-honored values of hard work, love of God, of family, country, and country music. Waylon continued to be a pivotal force in Townsend’s life, and the two would collaborate several times over the years, with Waylon playing on some tracks and singing harmony. But, when it came to the business of music, ole Waylon stayed clear saying, “Tommy, I don’t want to take our project to the labels myself, because if they found something wrong with it, it would make me mad, I’d piss them off and ruin your career.” So, the project that was recorded in the late 80’s and 90’s that Waylon produced and wrote songs for Tommy on was shelved for over 25 years, until now. 2022 sees the deliverance of “Southern Man”, this never before released collection of Country originals with Waylon influenced vocals, writing and production. Tommy continues to tour in 2022 carrying on the Waylon for prime performance with NO compromises.


1. Waylon Jennings Introduction
2. Southern Man – Tommy Townsend, Waylon Jennings
3. A Good Love Died Tonight – Tommy Townsend, Waylon Jennings
4. If You Can’t Stand The Heat – Tommy Townsend, Waylon Jennings
5. Trouble With A Capital “T”
6. Stompin’ Ground
7. Could And Still Do
8. Holes In My Boots – Tommy Townsend, Waylon Jennings
9. Picker – Tommy Townsend, Waylon Jennings
10. Lesson In Loneliness 11. How High This Tree Will Grow

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