Biff Bang Pow!

Songs For The Sad Eyed Girl

Release: 24-06-2022 | Label: Glass Modern / Suburban

Verplaatst naar 24-6-2022

1x LP

‘Classic Creation 1990 LP from Biff Bang Pow! Featuring Alan McGee & Dick Green, founders of Creation Records. Unavailable on vinyl since its release. Biff Bang Pow! were a seminal 80s indie group, overshadowed by the success of their label. Time for a re-assessment we think. This is a beautiful pastoral acoustic-led recording, in a green tinted version of the original sleeve. Sleeve notes by Alan McGee. Green Vinyl.


‘Side 1
1. She Kills Me
2. The Girl From Well Lane
3. Baby You Just Don’t Care
4. If You Don’t Love Me Now You Never Ever Will

Side 2
1. Someone To Share My Life With
2. Religious
3. Hug Me Honey

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