The Bobby Lees

Skin Suit

Release: 24-02-2023 | Label: Alive Records / V2

Indie Only Clear Green Vinyl

Iggy Pop, Blondie, Henry Rollins… these are just a few of the Punk icons who have shown support for Woodstock, NY based band THE BOBBY LEES. Here is their Jon Spencer produced album “Skin Suit” pressed on LIMITED GREEN VINYL. “Fronted by Sam Quartin, whose vocal charisma channels some of the preposterous intensity of the Alan Vega/Cave/Cramps lineage, the band’s second album is an explosion of intensity of high-concept, low-budget rock’n’roll.” – UNCUT


1. Move

2. Coin

3. Guttermilk

4. Riddle Daddy

5. Redroom

6. Ranch Baby

7. Wendy

8. Mary Jo

9. Drive

10. Russell

11. Last Song

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