João Donato & Donatinho


Release: 22-04-2023 | Label: Far Our Recordings / NEWS

1x LP + Poster

“Far Out Recordings proudly presents laid back Brazilian groove maestro Joao Donato’s synth-heavy collaboration with his son Donatinho. Sintetizamor sees the father-son duo jovially hurtle through space and time across ten tracks of sparkling pop, Brazilian boogie and club friendly disco-funk.

Joao Donato has been a hugely influential figure in the development of Brazilian music since the mid-1950’s. He’s played and recorded with virtually every one of his fellow Brazilian masters. Many of his own albums (of which he’s recorded over three-dozen) are regarded with such adulation that ‘cult-favourites’ doesn’t quite cut it.

Aged 82 at the time, Donato’s collaboration with his prodigious, synth obsessed son Donatinho – whose keyboard talents have been called on by the likes of the late Gal Costa, Djavan and Donatinho’s contemporaries such as Diogo Strausz – was originally released back in 2017, as a limited Brazil-only release.

For Record Store Day 2023, Sintetizamor will be available on vinyl (for the first time outside of Brazil) from participating stores.”


A1 De Toda Maneira
A2 Surreal
A3 Quem É Quem
A4 Interstellar
A5 Lei Do Amor
B1 Clima de Poquera
B2 Luz Negra
B3 Vamos Sair Á Francesa
B4 Ilusão de Nós
B5 Hao Chi

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