Adrian Borland

Scales of Love And Hate (CD)

Release: 25-11-2022 | Label: Sounds Haarlem Likes Vinyl / Suburban

BF 2022

1x CD

This album began with the intention of delivering a re-release of the posthumous album The Last Days Of The Rain Machine – Acoustic Songs By Adrian Borland (Red Sun Records, 2000). It developed into a special project, which also justified choosing a new title: The Scales Of Love And Hate.
The Last Days Of The Rain Machine consists of recordings by the British singer, guitarist and songwriter Adrian Borland, made on a two-track tape recorder by Carlo van Putten at his home near the German city of Bremen. 
1. Scales of Love and Hate
2. Love is Such A Foreign Land
3 Weekender Berliners
4. Falling of Your Horse
5. Downtown
6. Tired Man
7. Unkissable
8. Street of Flowers
9. The Sea Never Dies
10. Our Forest Ghost
11. Time Standing Still
12. Walking in the Opposite Direction
13. Excavation Bones
14. Running Low on Highs
15. Valentine
16. The Last Days of the Rainmachine
17. Snakebitten
18. Inbetween Dreams
19. Hallucinating You
20. Wild Rain
21. Four Lonely Hours Away
22.Dead Guitars
– FALLING OFF YOUR HORSE [alternate take]  3:15– LOVE IS SUCH A FOREIGN LAND [alternate take]  3:20– SCALES OF LOVE AND HATE [alternate takes – Adrian solo]  5:37
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