Build An Ark

Revision – An Anthology

Release: 22-04-2023 | Label: New Dawn / Rush Hour

3 x LP Slipcase cover with foldable poster and download card.

The 20 year anniversary of the formation and musical journey of Build An Ark from Los Angeles, California. Compiled by Carlos Niño with recordings from 2001 – 2008 that have previously been released on Kindred Spirits.

Limited edition, comes in a thick slipcase cover, a foldable poster and download card. Artwork by Nep Sidhu. Remastered by Andy Kravitz. 


1. Mother
2. You Gotta Have Freedom
3. Conversations
4. Pure Imagination Tortoise And The Hare
5. Opening Acknowledgement
6. Our Cry For Peace
7. John Coltrane
8. Welcome
9. What The World Needs Now
10.Build An Ark Theme
11.Door Of The Cosmos
12.Healing Song
13.Love Sweet Like Sugar Cane
15.River Run
16.When Ancestors Speak
17.This Prayer (Yaakov Levy Mix)
18.Sunflowers In My Garden
19.In The Park
20.World Peace Now
21.World Music

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