Cesaria Evora

Radio Mindelo Early Recordings

Release: 22-04-2023 | Label: Music On Vinyl / Music On Vinyl

2 x LP 180Gr 1000Cps Purple Marbled Vinyl

This 22-track collection by Césaria Evóra contains the very first recordings made by the Cape Verdean singer in the early 1960s, with all tracks originally cut for the Mindelo radio station Radio Barlavento. The majority of the pieces were written by Gregorio Gonçalves, better known as “Ti Goy”, who plays the guitar and/or drums on all tracks that also feature artist and songwriter Frank Cavaquim. The songs on this album range from love songs to social commentaries on issues of the day. Radio Mindelo gives listeners the chance to listen to the familiar voice of the “Queen of Morna” in her most purest essence during her young performances.

Radio Mindelo (Early Recordings) is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on purple marbled vinyl and includes a 4 page booklet.


Side A

  1. Cize
  2. Oriundina
  3. Pe Di Boi
  4. Nutridinha
  5. Vaquinha Mansa

Side B

  1. Belga
  2. Cize
  3. Mar Azul
  4. Terezinha
  5. Frutu Proibido

Side C

  1. Falta Di Força
  2. Sayko Dayo
  3. Sangue Di Beirona
  4. Nho Antone Escaderote
  5. Mata Morte

Side D

  1. Rabolice Na Ilha Da Madeira
  2. Nova Sintra
  3. Menina D’Fonte Felipe
  4. Cinturao Tem Mele
  5. Dor Di Sodade
  6. Cize
  7. Caminho De Sao Tome


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