Punk rock pictures on my wall

Release: 22-04-2023 | Label: Punk art / Sonic Rendezvous

1 x 12″

Mal-ones new five track 12 offering has broached the tender subject of the bedroom wall and what as a teenager we would cover it with, as we revelled in our teenage glory. During what we now fondly remember as the punk rock period, this would have been the promo posters, gig tickets, flyers, badges, t- shirts anything we could find to extend our allegiance to the punk rock cause. This release will come in 10 alternative sleeves limited to 100 copies of each so the bedroom design of the front cover has been painstakingly adapted for devotees of; 1. Sex pistols 2. The clash 3. The jam 4. Buzzcocks 5. The damned 6. The stranglers 7. Siouxsie & the banshees 8. Generation x 9. Ramones and 10. Blondie. And that design comes with a signed and stamped print of that design inside. 


01. Punk rock pictures on my wall 3.06
02. Jjs alright 3.35
03. The buzz-cocks are coming 2.21
04. Damned disciple 1.51 


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