Pet Needs

Primetime Entertainment

Release: 16-02-2023 | Label: Membran / Suburban

Indie Exclusive Neon Magenta Vinyl

Primetime Entertainment’ is Pet Needs’ second studio album and is produced by friend and fan Frank Turner. Simultaneously loud and quiet, raucous party anthems sit alongside thought-provoking personal songs; it’s the sound of a band stepping up a gear to match their catapult on the big stages across the world.


1. Lost Again
2. Ibiza in Winter
3. Get on the Roof
4. Tried and Failed
5. Spirals
6. Primetime Entertainment
7. Only Happy
8. The Argument
9. Fear for the Whole Damn World
10. Dear Abi
11. Thanks for the Invite
12. Nobody Ever Warned Us

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