Ockham's Blazer

Ockham’s Blazer

Release: 3-02-2023 | Label: Fake Four Inc. / V2

Indie Only

Ockham’s Blazer is a mysterious 7 piece nomad jazz group combining the talents of PremRock, Fresh Kils, Anthony Rinaldi, Guido Spannocchi & PRAQ!. Hailing from NYC, Toronto, London, and Vienna, the making of this project spanned the talents of 7 musicians across 4 countries and 2 continents. Singles include “Prison of Gold,” “Dirtbell,” and “The Overtaxed Heart’s Club Band.” Released via renowned independent hip-hop label Fake Four Inc., this album fits with the label’s standard of pushing the boundaries of experimental hip-hop.


1. Curly Fries Supreme
2. Prison Of Gold
3. The Overtaxed Heart’s Club Band
4. Dirtbell (feat. Dizraeli)
5. Drone
6. Carpe Cortado
7. Blood’s Port
8. Laminate Intent
9. Ill-Fitted Dress Shirt
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