Lung Leg

Maid To Minx

Release: 16-12-2022 | Label: Last Night From Glasgow / Bertus

Indie Only Pink Vinyl

We are thrilled to bring you the remastered debut album from Lung Leg

This definitive 14 track reissue, mastered from the original Southern Tapes includes bonus tracks unavailable on either of the previous releases – The album features new rear sleeve design and inserts.


1. Previous Condition

2. Theme Park

3. Disco

4. Biscuit

5. Shaver

6. Juanita

7. Maid To Minx

8. Right Now Baby

9. Viva By Spectacula

10. Lonely Man

11. F.S.R

12. Kung Fu On the Internet ’97

13. Lust For Leg

14. Bad Love

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