Release: 10-02-2023 | Label: Run Out Groove / Warner Music

Indie Only Deluxe Edition

  • Expanded anniversary 2LP edition features a bonus LP of previously unreleased demos
  • Features deluxe packaging and updated artwork with new photos
  • Limited and individually numbered

Double vinyl LP pressing including bonus LP of demos. Lunapark was the debut album by indie rock band Luna. It was released in 1992 on Elektra Records. As the first musical outing of Dean Wareham since the disbanding of Galaxie 500, Lunapark set forth the new musical directions of Wareham and embraced a musical sound that would continue to evolve throughout Luna’s tenure.


Side A

1 Slide 4:19

2 Anesthesia 3:40

3 Slash Your Tires 4:46

4 Crazy People 3:35

5 Time 2:04

6 Smile 3:05

Side B

1 I Can’t Wait 2:42

2 Hey Sister 3:41

3 I Want Everything 4:25

4 Time To Quit 3:04

5 Goodbye 2:25

6 We’re Both Confused 3:54

Side C

1 Anesthesia (Fun City Demo) 2:31

2 I Can’t Wait (Fun City Demo) 2:39

3 Time (Fun City Demo) 2:13

4 Crazy People (Fun City Demo) 3:25

5 Slash Your Tires (Fun City Demo) 4:27

Side D

1 Slide (Toxic Shock Demo) 2:38

2 Time To Quit (Toxic Shock Demo) 3:08

3 Hey Sister (Toxic Shock Demo) 3:00

4 Goodbye (Toxic Shock Demo) 2:34

5 Egg Nog (Mixolydian) **bonus track 2:00

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