Kenny Beats


Release: 13-01-2023 | Label: XL Recordings / V2

Indie Only Blue Vinyl

In the permanent midnight of the pandemic, things grew darker. A UK trip to produce for IDLES offered an escape: the opportunity to produce for his favorite rock band and find respite in art and unfamiliar surroundings. LOUIE was never meant for the world’s ears. Released on XL Recordings, the first solo album from Kenny Beats was a spontaneous burst of creativity spurred by an avalanche of despair and imagination.


  1. Leonard 
  2. Parenthesis 
  3. Hold My Head 
  4. So They Say 
  5. Family Tree 
  6. Hooper 
  7. Still 
  8. Moire 
  9. Get Around 
  10. Eternal 
  11. Last Words 
  12. Drop 10 
  13. The Perch 
  14. Really Really 
  15. That Third Thing 
  16. Rotten 
  17. Hot Hand
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