Live At The Record Plant 1974

Release: 1-01-1970 | Label: Membran / Suburban

BF 2022

1x LP

One of pop’s best-loved and most influential cult bands, Sparks grew out of the minds of brothers Ron and Russell Mael. An 8 song studio in-concert by Sparks in L.A, in September 1974, with the Propaganda line-up of Ron & Russ Mael, Ian Hampton on bass, Dinky Diamond on drums and Trevor White on guitar. NEVER RELEASED ON VINYL.


1. Hasta Manana Monsieur
2. Something For The Girl With Everything
3. Talent Is An Asset
4. Thank GOD It’s Not Christmas

1. B.C.
2. Here In Heaven
3. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us
4. Amateur Hour

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