Babe Rainbow

Levitation Sessions

Release: 23-12-2022 | Label: Membran / Suburban

Indie Only Pink & Blue Swirl Vinyl

Byron Bay good vibe factory Babe Rainbow brings us a dripping slice of sunshine to Levitation Sessions, with a set recorded at The Music Farm with friends and family. The set features a catalog spanning tracklist of the band’s breezy psychedelic grooves, transporting us to a rural backyard setting: birds chirping, children laughing, sun shining, good vibes vibing – the chillest Session ever???

“We wanted to go so big it was almost psychedelic, so much juice you’d almost drown, and we knew we had to play all the old songs at the farm in Coorabel because all the old songs were recorded there. The Babe Rainbow is a rococo palace built to the most powerful God of all… mass entertainment. We hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing you in person on tour soon…” – Babe Rainbow


1. Morning Song

2. Peace Blossom Boogy

3. Something New

4. Blue Hour

5. Monky Disco

6. Supermoon

7. Planet Junior

8. Greggo

9. Rainbow Rock

10. Zeitgeist

11. Love Forever

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