Belle & Sebastian

Late Developers

Release: 13-01-2023 | Label: Matador / V2

Indie Only Clear Orange Vinyl

Recorded in the same sessions as A Bit of Previous, Late Developers doesn’t feel like a collection of lesser-than songs that weren’t good enough to go on the “real” record. Rather, it’s an embrace of the freedom that comes with a jumbo-sized canvas, skilled students left unsupervised to paint whatever picture they feel like. While I shudder to do the thing in a bio where I try to describe music to you with words, Late Developers takes you on a journey as the band floats through genres with ease.


1. Juliet Naked

2. Give a Little Time

3. When We Were Very Young

4. Will I Tell You a Secret

5. So In the Moment

6. The Evening Star

7. When You’re Not With Me

8. I Don’t Know What You See In Me

9. Do You Follow

10. When the Cynics Stare Back From the Wall

11. Late Developers

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