Kate Cincinnati

Release: 16-12-2022 | Label: American Dreams Records / V2

Indie Only Random Coloured Vinyl

Here lies a reissue of the first release from legendary long-running Chicago group ONO, Kate Cincinnati. ONO originally self-released the music in an edition of 300 tapes, and it shares several traits with the music of today’s ONO. travis’s singing moves effortlessly between gospel, blues, opera and noise registers; Shannon Rose Riley plays a maelstrom of music on her horn of choice, here saxophone; bandleader P. Michael Grego quietly orchestrates bass, guitar and lap guitar, creating a musical Jenga tower. If this is your first time with ONO, hop on board and see why Moor Mother, Black Midi, Algiers and countless other acts love them so. If you’re already a fan: don’t walk – run.


1. Kate Cincinnati

2. I Wonder Why

3. Oppenheimer

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