Various Artists

Hillbillies in Hell: Volume X

Release: 29-05-2020 | Label: Iron Mountain Analogue Research / LITA

1 x LP

1. The Phipps Family – God Is Getting Worried With Your Wicked Ways 2. John Reedy And The Stone Mountain Trio – Oh, Death 3. Swanee River Boys – Fire’s A-Coming 4. The Lewis Family (with Carl Story) – Fire And Brimstone 5. Charlie Moore And The Dixie Partners – No Grave (Is Gonna Keep This Soul) 6. Richard Miller – Jesus Is On My Side 7. Wally Fowler & The Oak Ridge Quartet – A Wonderful Time Up There 8. The Sheltons – Jesus Is Coming Soon 9. The A. L. Phipps Family – Death’s Black Train 10. The Goins Brothers – Death Came Creeping In My Room 11. The Lewis Family (with Carl Story) – Heaven Bound Train 12. ‘Little’ Jimmy Dickens – Are You Insured Beyond the Grave 13. Ernest Carter And The Hymn Trio – Filthy Sea Of Sin 14. Clyde Moody – Conversation With Death 15. Joel & LaBreeska – Satan Has No Claim On Me 16. Brother Claude Ely – There Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down”

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