Heron Oblivion

Heron Oblivion

Release: 4-03-2016 | Label: Sub Pop

Heron Oblivion were drawn together in 2013 by a shared love of outsider jams, vintage British electric folk rock, 80s and 90s PSF Jap Rock and the great canyon reject-cromag titans known as Crazy Horse. HO utilizes many of these elements as a starting point with the addition of haunting, soaring vocals by the renowned folk chanteuse and HO drummer Meg Baird.
HO members are also alumni of such groups as Comets on Fire, Sic Alps, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, Espers, Howlin Rain, Lowdown, Feral Ohms, Watery Love, etc.
HO’s debut album released on March 4, 2016, worldwide by Sub Pop Records.

Bron: facebook.com/Heron-Oblivion

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