Simple Plan

Harder Than It Looks

Release: 13-01-2023 | Label: Sipla / Suburban

Indie Only Pink Marble Vinyl

From their new millennium rise to MTV superstardom through pop-punk’s modern resurgence that has introduced their iconic, multi-platinum sound to new audiences around the world, Simple Plan have been an indelible part of pop culture for more than two decades because they’ve never lost sight of what got them there in the first place: their fans. It’s this same sense of mutual respect that’s fully on display on “The Antidote,” the first single from their sixth studio album, Harder Than It Looks, their first new music since 2016’s Taking One For The Team, and the most authentically Simple Plan album since 2004’s Still Not Getting Any.

Free agents for the first time in their storied career, the band kept their circle tight during the recording process, enlisting longtime songwriting partners like We The Kings’ Travis Clark and producers Brian Howes and Jason Van Poederooyen (who worked on the band’s 2011’s album Get Your Heart On!) and Zakk Cervini (blink-182, Good Charlotte).

From the skyscraping choruses of “Congratulations” and “Ruin My Life” (ft. Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley) to the unflinching poignancy of the album-closing “Two,” which instantly ranks alongside “Perfect” and “Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?)” as one of the band’s best closers ever, Harder Than It Looks certainly respects Simple Plan’s storied career – and the same spirit that helped the band sell 10 million albums worldwide – without being overtly reverent.

The album-opening “Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over)” is a cathartic rush of familiarity and freshness – not to mention a bit lyrically prescient, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit shortly after the band wrapped the album.


A1 Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over) 3:36
A2 Ruin My Life 3:19
A3 The Antidote 3:15
A4 Million Pictures Of You 3:25
A5 Anxiety 3:29
B1 Congratulations 3:16
B2 Iconic 3:05
B3 Best Day Of My Life 3:26
B4 Slow Motion 3:59
B5 Two 3:38

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