Release: 13-04-2019 | Label: MUSIC ON VINYL / Bertus


1 x LP

Side A
1. Cornucopia
2. Figure It Out
3. Ching Chime
4. Butterfly
5. Harakiri
6. Occupied Tears

Side B
1. Deafening Silence
8. Forget Me Not
9. Reality TV
4. Uneducated Democracy
5. Weave On
6. Revolver (bonus track)
7. Tyrant’s Gratitude (bonus track)

Serj Tankian (System of a Down) third solo album Harakiri is the most punk rock oriented record he ever created. Even a sudden interlude like “Occupied Tears” doesn’t slow down the pace Tankian is laying down on the album. Much like anything else that Tankian has ever released, there are deep sociological and political themes all throughout the album. He isn’t afraid to express himself and that’s exactly what he does by combining his statements with up tempo songs. The metal influences has been cut out, but the energy is still intact. Harakiri is one of the finest albums he delivered as a solo musician to date.

Harakiri is available as a limited edition of 2.000 individually numbered copies on yellow marbled (solid yellow & black mixed) coloured vinyl. The package contains an 4-page booklet and exclusive bonus print.

Official website: https://serjtankian.com/

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