The Sweet

Give Us A Wink (Alt. Mixes & Demos)

Release: 9-12-2022 | Label: Membran / Suburban

Indie Only

2x LP

Building on the momentum caused from the runaway success of Desolation Boulevard, Sweet forged ahead and shoved Give Us a Wink out to satisfy their growing legions of rabid fans. Doing it all without the aid of Chinn & Chapman, they truly held their destiny in their own hands for the very first time. “Action” gave them another Top Ten hit, and along with such other notable cuts as “Cockroach” and “Yesterday’s Rain,” they proved they had the goods. This all new release includes never released alternative mixes and demos from the original release.


1. Andy Scott Talking “Give Us A Wink”
2. Fox On The Run (Rough Mix)
3. White Mice (Munich Mix)
4. Cockroach (Munich Mix)

1. Action (Outtake)
2. Lies In Your Eyes (Outtake)
3. 4th of July (Munich Mix)
4. Healer (Munich Mix)

1. Yesterday’s Rain (Andy Scott Demo)
2. Yesterday’s Rain (Rough Mix)
3. 4th of July (Andy Scott Demo)
4. 4th of July (Rough Mix)
5. Cockroach (Andy Scott Demo)
6. Cockroach (Rough Mix)

1. Fox On The Run (Outtake)
2. Cold Light (Unreleased Song Demo)
3. Give Me Your Love (Unreleased Song Demo)
4. Healer (Andy Scott Demo)
5. Go Back Home (Unreleased Song Demo)
6. Lady Starlight (Andy Scott Demo)
7. Second Try (Unreleased Song Demo)
8. White Mice (Andy Scott Demo)
9. White Mice (Rough Mix)
10. Keep It In (Rough Mix)

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